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AXA : Insurance

AXA France offers its clients a full range of products and services regarding life insurance, non-life insurance, banking, assistance, legal protection, health and death and disability insurance, savings and inheritance planning.

The job of the 35,000 AXA employees in France is to offer financial protection. They provide their 9 million clients - private individuals, professionals and small, medium and large companies - with appropriate solutions.

UNAMI : Interactive marketing agency

UNAMI is an interactive marketing agency whose mission is to make its clients more effective online by offering them guidance in all of their projects: consultancy, design/development and management of online marketing programmes.

They can help you to attract clients and build client loyalty, increase use of your website and develop your online activities and income.

Ogone : Payment service

Payment service operators for e-commerce and distance selling, the Ogone teams work for thousands of clients in 35 different countries.

Ogone solutions are modular, customisable and easily integrate into information systems allowing traders to reduce their administrative costs and the risks associated with managing transactions from different sales channels and made using heterogeneous payment methods.

PayPal : Secure payment method

PayPal is a secure payment method for paying or being paid quickly without having to communicate your bank details.

PayPal allows a company or a user with an email address to send and receive payments online in a practical, secure and inexpensive way. 16,000 French websites have already put their confidence in PayPal and accept this online payment method.

FEVAD : Fédération de l'e-commerce et de la vente à distance (Federation for e-commerce and mail order)

The FEVAD is the French association which groups together companies with a mail order activity. Boxtal, publisher of the website has been a member of the FEVAD since 2013, and by joining agreed to respect the FEVAD's code of conduct.

Réseau Entreprendre Paris : A network accompanying entrepreneurs

Réseau Entreprendre Paris is composed of business managers who accompany new entrepreneurs and share with them their passion for entrepreneurship in a spirit of economic citizenship. Boxtal has been a member of the Réseau Entreprendre Paris since 2009 and supports the entrepreneurs.

KoDe Software : A highly effective analytical database

KoDe Software is the publisher of the software KoDe Server, a highly effective analytical database. KoDe Server is based on revolutionary indexation technology which considerably improves response times.

Extremely simple to install and use, KoDe Server is the solution 100% software to speed up access to your data. The productivity gains improve with the size of data and complexity of the requests.

Shop Application : Solution E-Commerce et solution de vente omnicanal !

Shop application est une solution qui vous permet de créer et gérer votre boutique en ligne en toute simplicité. Tous les outils nécessaires sont inclus en natif dans la solution : gestion des articles, textes, images, commandes, clients, méthodes de paiement et livraison.

Utilisée par plus de 4500 commerçants, Shop application est une des solutions leaders sur le marché des solutions
E-Commerce en mode Cloud. Véritable solution de vente omnicanal, Shop application vous permet également de gérer tous vos canaux de vente depuis une même interface.